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About Datacide


Datacide is the magazine for noise and politics appearing since 1997.

“Musical time is radically different from the time of capital in which our public life proceeds… musical duration is measurable only in terms of sensibilities, tensions and emotions …”

This is opening statement of intent formulated by Flint Michigan.

A magazine for the grey zone[1] of Noise & Politics, Datacide provides information on the cutting edge of technological subversion via sound and heterogeneous theory. Assembled as part of an emerging Post-Media flow, Datacide is fueled by a current of enthusiasm and desire that does not seek legitimiation through the usual channels, but works as a tool to prompt the inquisitive and those becoming increasingly tired of the expediencies of journalism and self-interest.

Seeing music as intimately linked and tied to areas beyond the commercial, Datacide intends to travel out along all possible tangents whilst retaining a sensitivity to the ever mutating musical experiments that thrive on the interstice of (in)visibility.

To be used as a communication tool of the international Undo*round, it is intended to give deserved coverage to those who do things, not for the kudos, prestige and cash it might bring in, but for the buzz of inter-activity and mutual respect.

Heterogeneous theory for the invisible insurrection of a million minds.”

Source: http://datacide-magazine.com/abstract/

[1 Not for the right-wing political twilight zone of the (far) right, u know. ;)]