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datacide sixteen content

“BERLINERS are welcome to join us this friday, March 17, 2017, at Vetomat, Wühlischstr. 42, for a small launch event with a presentation of the new issue and a public discussion with datacide contributors Christoph Fringeli, Alexia Elliott and others t.b.c. Meet for some drinks, küfa, and noise!”



datacide #16 content


“datacide sixteen [(out now in store)]

spring 2017

news & updates
the reverend: education in england – an update
marc hekate: keith robinson desert storm obituary
matthew highland: notes from non-existence – brexit vs. the proletariat

alexia elliott: poisoned fruit in the walled garden. the alt right: a growing problem, but not a new one
mh: armed competitiveness – the working class gets called up to fight itself – notes on a recruitment crisis
howard slater: ‘comrade doctor’ – on david cooper and ‘anti-psychatry’
david cooper: on mystification (1978)
strelnikov: siege mentality. mason, manson, moynihan – on the fringes of american nazism

book reviews
neil transportine: angry white people: coming face to face with the british far right by hsiao hung pai
howard slater: demented idioms – schizo culture, event & book
matthew hyland: eat like an idealist! the assassin – an association of musical marxists reader
christof fringeli: undeclared wars with israel. jeffrey herf on east germany and the west german far left 1967-1989 and their role in the middle east
christof fringeli: far left press coverage of the 2016 antisemitism row in the labour party and other leftist groups

simon lejeune: a breakcore saga
sansculotte: overdosed

dj balli: an addition to the guinness world records
mme tlank/clinical wasteman: but what the ghost?

record reviews
by prole sector, zombieflesheater, low entropy, controlled weirdness, saxenhammer
+ dj charts
+ activities since the last issue

visuals by
darkam, dybbuk, guinea pigs, matthieu bourel, nevre, oppositaer

single copies: 5eur incl int shipping
subscriptions: 15eur for 3 issues

contact & paypal: info (at) datacide-magazine.com”


store: praxis records & books: lenbachstr. 9, 10245 bln fhn, eastx

(quelle = flyer)